Space is a new Layer 1 blockchain created to discover innovative tech solutions and bring decentralization to the masses. Fast, composable, ecological, and friction-free, with an own ecosystem combining multichain bridge, DEX and more.




Watch the video to know how the SPACE Chain ecosystem will break through, drawing the attention of market participants.


Bridge helps crypto market participants to quickly hop between EVM blockchains like SPACE, BSC, Ethereum and others.



We treat the testnet as the polygon before the mainnet. The SPACE Layer 1 blockchain with its own SPACE token is already built.

Testnet Explorer


The mainnet has been already deployed. Early users and core contributors will have a chance to get SPACE token in various ways.

Mainnet Explorer


Not only that but also SpaceChain has its own block explorer built on top of the Ethereum/BSC scan. The first version is live now. You can track all the transactions, and blocks with an intuitive UX and improved visibility.



Get to know SpaceSwap - an Uniswap-similar protocol built on top of the SPACE Chain. It’s an own DEX with low commissions and fast transactions.



Do you want to test out the SpaceChain? Here’s where the faucet comes out from the woods. Drop your wallet address, get $SPACE for free on the testnet, and make some moves in our ecosystem.



Built by an ambitious team of crypto enthusiasts with extensive experience in decentralized finance. Here’s the game plan!

Phase 1

Market research

Launching the website

Launching social media

Launching testnet

Launching the block explorer

Onboarding KOLs

Launching the Faucet

Deploying $SPACE on testnet

Phase 2

Deploying SpaceSwap on testnet

Hiring the partnership manager

Pre-launch marketing

Presale on Pinksale

$SPACE DEX listing

CoinMarketCap listing

CoinGecko listing

Establishing partnerships with other DApps

Phase 3

Post-marketing launch

Supporting more EVM blockchains on SPACE Bridge

Improving the UX & UI

Publishing the offer for builders

Launching the first NFT collection

Top 10 CEX listing

Airdrop for early users

Supporting non-EVM blockchains on SpaceBridge

Phase 4

Building an NFT Marketplace

Official cooperation with other blockchain networks

2nd Top 10 CEX listing

Adding more protocols to the ecosystem

Taking $SPACE multichain

Interviews with $SPACE Founders

Visiting the first crypto event

Building an own CEX exchange

More to be announced...


SpaceChain is a one-in-a-kind network that combines an eco approach with low taxes. We help developers to build scalable, user-friendly dApps, developing a hub for decentralized finance protocols.

Ecological Approach

Blockchain has a negative carbon footprint and negative carbon emissions, which means the mainstream approach can adopt it. We firmly stand behind the proof-of-stake narration. The environment should stay secure.

Low taxes

Our network is optimized to include the masses in a decentralized world. That's why we introduced low taxes with 0% charged with buy and 6% charged with sell, and it goes to the whole development of the project.

NFT & GameFi Optimization

The ecosystem aims to guarantee stable and fast development for many NFT and GameFi projects. Our goal is to prepare for the next boom in NFT projects, which is undoubtedly coming. It is a challenging, and we will indeed have to spend a lot of time refining this scheme.

Strong BSC background

If we want to perform on the world-class level, we have to learn from the best of the best. That's why our model is based on the BSC network conditions. They are true pioneers in the Web3 space, and with their background, we grow efficiently.

Worldwide Community

SpaceChain gathers a community of developers, crypto enthusiasts, and investors from all around the world. Using communication tools, we plan to onboard more people into the ecosystem and make the developers from leading blockchain networks come to build on SpaceChain.

Utility ready from Day 1

To provide our project with complete transparency, we have decided to start with a vision and product you can fully test even before the Presale starts. We are responsible for our actions. SPACE Chain is a project that guarantees a finished product, with a clear plan for adding more tools and protocols to the DeFi ecosystem.


If you want to stay up to date with the SPACE updates, follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram global group to get the newest information.


The pre-sale of the $SPACE token will be hosted on PinkSale Finance - a permissionless crypto launchpad built on BNB Chain. If you want to put your skin in the game, prepare BNB tokens and put the 26.12.2022 date on your calendar.

SpaceChain is optimizing for NFT-mania. There is no blockchain optimizing for NFTs right now. We will create a niche product with a clear target group and a suited business model. Additionally, Space Chain will build the entire ecosystem for the community. Together, we will build the future of DeFi.

99% of projects create artificial token utilities. $SPACE will be a core token of the ecosystem, used to pay for gas fees in the blockchain that will onboard the masses.

The project has been bootstrapped from the funds of the Founders. Our developers are working with dedication, and they were able to develop the needed infrastructure before the token launch. The network is already usable. Now, we are focusing on improving the network and introducing more DApps to the ecosystem.

Click “add network” in your MetaMask wallet. Then, paste the RPC https://testnet-rpc.spacechain.finance, Currency Symbol: SPACE, and Chain ID: 17. Here’s the link to the block explorer, Enjoy!

SPACE is a new Layer 1 blockchain created to discover new technologically innovative solutions for mass adoption. Fast, composable, ecological, for everyone.













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